Trade Secret Fundamentals for In-House Counsel

Trade secrets are a unique type of intellectual property (IP) and are the origin and basis for all IP assets. Every type of IP asset begins as a trade secret and remains as such until they lose their secrecy, whether or not intended by the trade secret owners.


Unlike other intellectual property assets, trade secrets must be maintained internally vigilantly.  Trade secrets could and often do represent the heart of a business, and knowing how to protect them is essential for in-house counsel.


Given this crucial task, In-House Connect is thrilled to feature Dave Stevens, IP and IT Lawyer of the Stevens Law Group. In this live presentation, Dave will


– Provide an overview as to what a Trade Secret is,

– Explore how to identify a company’s valuable trade secrets, and protect and maintain them over the long term,

– Share practical processes and policies to immediately get your trade secret program started, and

– Detail ways to keep all of your company employees engaged in the ongoing process of protecting these valuable assets.



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