The AI Value Prop For In-House Legal Departments: What In-House Counsel Should Expect Around Artificial Intelligence


Organizations are about to be transformed by the most advanced technology of our times: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Powerful proprietary AI promises to be ‘transformative’ for legal teams, in particular, helping to automate operational processes, extract crucial information from legal documents, and fuel necessary business reporting. In fact, when leveraged correctly, AI can deliver even faster service, better quality, and more distinctive insights, according to McKinsey.


But even though the technology is becoming increasingly important to modern companies, it remains misunderstood and under appreciated by many legal leaders.


Tune in for the next edition of the IHC Legal Innovation Series as Jerry LevineContractPodAi’s Chief Evangelist and General Counsel will talk about what to expect around AI — now and in the future — including the following:


– The practical applications of AI tech in today’s legal departments

– The true impact of AI automation on legal and the rest of the enterprise

– The value of incremental digital change or improvement with AI

– The importance of building risk management practices into AI development




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