TCPA For In-House Counsel: Key Trends, Updates And Best Practices For Avoiding Litigation


With many companies looking to engage in SMS marketing, one of the most common issues commercial counsel need to be knowledgeable of is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”). Originally passed in 1991 to stem the rising tide of spam telephone calls and fax advertisements that tied up phone lines, the TCPA has become a haven for plaintiffs’ class action attorneys looking to take advantage of the statute’s strict statutory damages provisions—ranging from $500 to $1,500 per violation, even when no actual injury is suffered.


TUNE IN, for the next edition of our IHC Deep Dives Series, as Angela Bunnell and David Thomas of Greenberg Traurig will provide an overview of the TCPA trends, litigation updates, and best practices for avoiding litigation. Discussion topics will include:


– The TCPA – structure, scope, and liability

– Obtaining, recording, and proving consent to call and text

– Do-not-call claims and other litigation trends

– State TCPA statutes, and

– Forming online contracts, arbitration, and vendor indemnification


To access the presentation slides click HERE


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