Stress And Time Management Basics For In-House Counsel: The Benefits Of Conducting A Life Audit (The Only Audit You’ll Be Excited About)


“Life moves pretty fast..” Ferris Bueller famously said before cell phones, Outlook, text messages, and every other common day distraction. So, what would he say now about the speed at which we live our lives?


In our day-to-day, In-House Counsel tend to become beholden to our calendars, notifications, and emails. While these are necessary to an extent, they also provide disruptions, distractions, and unnecessary confusion. So, what can In-House Counsel do to maximize every day to enhance productivity, focus, and happiness?


Tune in for the next edition of our IHC Advantage Series, as Keynote speaker, emotional intelligence expert, and legal industry veteran, Rich Bracken, provides insights and strategies on how every one of us can quit holding on for dear life every day and feel more in control of our schedules, time, and energy. In his engaging, empowering, and entertaining content, he will have you standing at the point where mindfulness, productivity, and happiness exist.


In this transformative session, Rich will discuss:


–       How and why to conduct a life audit

–       Tactics to make your calendar work for you

–       How small changes can lead to big benefits, personally and professionally

–       How to start and end your day on a high note while maintaining positive energy throughout



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