State Trial Court Research & Analytics For Corporate Legal Teams: Best Practices For Leveraging Analytics To Reduce Costs And Improve Win Rates


Imagine being able to “google search” state trial court records (dockets, rulings, and filed documents) across counties and states through a single interface, to learn exactly how your judge, party, or opposing counsel has handled similar cases? Now you can.


Tune in for the next edition of our Litigation Essentials for In-House Counsel Series as Nikki Shaver and Jeroen Plink of LegalTechHub, & Nicole Clark of Trellis.Law discuss how state trial court research and analytics can be used to uncover actionable insights.


Discussion topics will include:


–  How state court trial research and analytics enables corporate legal teams to: 1) suss out nuisance cases, 2) reduce company legal spend and litigation risk, 3) forecast legal costs, 4) improve win rates and pinpoint the best outside counsel when needed; and


–  How to uncover actionable insights from state court data on choosing outside counsel, venue, settlement, overseeing litigation, opposing counsel, motions, dockets, and judges!


Viewers will learn how to leverage state court trial data and analytics to be more efficient, more proactive, and achieve better results for your company & clients.



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