Redline Contracts Like A Jedi Master


Tune in as Foster Sayers, the Contract MVP and Nada Alnajafi, the Contract Nerd, team up! Together, they’ll teach commercial contracts negotiation and redlining skills that are fundamental to success and key to overcoming obstacles when you’re negotiating with an attorney representing the party with more leverage and resources.


No matter who our client does business with it, there are terms and conditions that they require agreement to. What do we do when the other party won’t agree. How do you get to yes when the other party refuses to negotiate or is unwilling to compromise?


In this In-House Connect special event, our dynamic duo Foster and Nada are teaming up to share their top strategies, tactics, and skills both hard and soft – to teach in-house attorneys approaches to getting to yes when your starting positions are incompatible with mutual agreement.


Foster will share practical tips on how to get the party you’re negotiating with to agree to something mission critical to your client and get to “yes.” He’ll also share tips on developing soft skills that improve your negotiation outcomes.


Nada will share practical tips on how to redline when the party is unwilling to negotiate or makes it difficult to redline the contract. She’ll also share tips on developing your redlining etiquette to improve your negotiation outcomes.


If you ever have to negotiate with a “Darth Vader” on a “Star Destroyer” then you’ll want to attend this webinar.


You can access the presentation slides HERE. 


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