Patent Portfolio Management For In-House Counsel: Key Insights And Best Practices For Setting Your Budget And Cutting Costs


Patent portfolio management requires an organization’s in-house legal teams to make critical and often risky decisions about how best to use its IP assets to its advantage. Patent strategy is about more than just prosecution and enforcement of existing patents. An organization’s IP and patent portfolio, as well as its IP activities must be aligned with and integrated into the organization’s overall business plan if its patent portfolio is to realize its full value. A properly managed patent portfolio can generate significant revenue for an organization by protecting its investments, defending it against competitors, and balancing its asset maintenance costs.


Given this crucial task, In-House Connect is thrilled to feature Dave Stevens, IP and IT Lawyer, of the Stevens Law Group. Dave has helped clients save millions of dollars in IP costs, both in cost savings and process efficiencies, and regularly helps in-house legal teams review and rightsize their patent and IP portfolios.


Tune into the next installment of our Intellectual Property Deep-Dives Series, as Dave will discuss:


– How to holistically review your Patent and IP portfolio and structure your IP budget to curb costs and optimize your IP assets

– How to review and extract additional value from your existing patents

– How and when to sell or abandon assets that are no longer valuable

– New ways to reduce and tightly control costs of IP legal services and fixed fees, and

– Provide working examples and structured cost management processes that you can put into action right away.


You can access the presentation slides HERE. 



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