In-House Connect Mentorship Program

As a mentor, you can share real-world advice with members who need professional guidance. As a mentee, you can apply the advice to achieve your professional and personal goals. Program participants are expected to meet throughout the 6 month program, virtually or in-person, at least once a month. 

Please review the following Program Schedule and if interested, submit an application below. 

Program Schedule

  • Initial Contact: Mentors and mentees will be introduced by an email from IHC.
  • Within 1 week of introduction: Mentor initiates contact with Mentee to schedule first meeting.
  • 48 hours before first meeting: Mentee sends Mentor proposed goals for partnership.
  • At first meeting: Mentor and Mentee get acquainted, agree upon concrete goals, and schedule monthly meetings 2 through 5.
  • 1 week before second meeting: Mentee sends Mentor draft plan describing knowledge and skills needed to achieve concrete goals.
  • At second meeting: Mentor and Mentee discuss plan, agree upon ways to develop knowledge and skills.
  • 1 week after second meeting: Mentor and Mentor each send updates and program feedback to IHC.
  • 1 week before third and fourth meetings: Mentee sends Mentor progress update on plan. 
  • At third and fourth meetings: Mentor and Mentee discuss progress, agree upon ways to overcome obstacles.
  • 1 week before fifth meeting: Mentee sends Mentor final update.
  • At fifth meeting: Mentor and Mentee discuss experience with program.
  • 1 week after fifth meeting: Mentor and Mentor each send program feedback and suggestions to IHC.
  • Final gathering: Mentorship program participants share experiences with each other, as well as prospective mentors and mentees
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