Making The Case For Contract Management: How To Get Business Buy-In


Contract management isn’t an optional function for most organizations. Your company relies on contracts to govern new and existing business deals and every vendor relationship. In-house legal teams are usually the first to feel the pain of laborious and dated contract management practices. But how do you get other areas of the business onboard to adopt a solution?


TUNE IN,  for the next edition of our CLM Fundamentals Series, as Foster Sayers, General Counsel, and Chief Evangelist at Pramata  walks through how to make the business case for contract management to get buy-in at your organization.


During this interactive conversation, Foster will cover:

– How contract management impacts many functions within your organization

– How to align your “why” with the motivations other stakeholders care most about

– The specific benefits your sales, finance, IT, and other teams will enjoy when you implement a contract management solution

– How to calculate a tangible ROI specific to your business


Foster will also be available to answer questions and discuss specific and unique hurdles and how to overcome them. If you’ve been wanting to adopt a contract management solution and aren’t sure how to make the case in a way that demonstrates its value to everyone in your organization, don’t miss this webinar!



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