Legal Tech Essentials For In-House Counsel: Key Basics For Selecting The Right Legal Tech Solutions For Your Legal Department


With the current emphasis on digital transformation across all businesses, there is pressure on In-House Counsel to introduce technology and automation solutions to improve the operation of their legal team, as well as the business at large. That’s easier said than done, though. How do you know what types of problems you should be responsible for solving? Which is the right project to tackle first? And once you’ve decided on that priority project, how do you know what technology is on the market, or which technology solution is the best suited to address your use case?


Tune in for the next edition of our Digital Transformation Series as Nikki Shaver and Jeroen Plink of LegalTechHub, will provide guidance and best practices on researching, selecting and buying solutions that are the best match for the needs of your end users.


Jeroen and Nikki will take you through frameworks that will show you how to:


–   Identify the needs of your internal clients and the needs of your team;

–   Help you understand how to translate those needs into viable projects;

–   Evaluate your project list and identify priorities;

–   Develop requirements that clearly set out what characteristics a project must have in order to address a use case;

–   Find the most relevant solutions in the solution category you are reviewing; and

–   Decide which solution is most able to solve your problem.


The advice provided in this IHC webinar will empower in-house counsel to make better legal tech decisions, enabling automation and digital transformation. Participants will walk away with practical tips and guidance that will help them actively drive innovation in their legal departments and across the business. 



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