Assistant General Counsel, Commercial & Compliance

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Legal Counsel Opportunity in Breinigsville, PA

Join our team as a legal counsel to provide guidance and support across various company activities, focusing on backing commercial and operations teams. Collaborate closely with commercial teams to draft customer contracts and ensure compliance with laws such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Business Code of Conduct. Contribute to the administration of company legal policies and objectives.

Key Responsibilities

Provide legal advice and support for a wide range of company activities Assist commercial and operations teams in preparing customer contracts Offer guidance on compliance issues including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and International Trade Compliance Support the administration of company legal policies and objectives

Join us in Breinigsville, PA for an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact within a dynamic legal team. Apply now through

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Employment Type: Full-Time

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JDHuntr In-House Counsel Jobs
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