Job Seeking During A Recession: Expert Tips For In-House Counsel Looking To Advance or Find Their Next GC Role


Securing an in-house or GC role today is very different than it used to be. Tools like LinkedIn have democratized networking and helped to raise the visibility of your profile to others and recruiters. Given the uncertain economic climate, it’s a great time and idea to learn about the current market and ways to elevate your resume, relationships/network, and visibility to retain your current job, get a promotion, or get a new in-house or GC role.


Tune In for the next edition of our IHC Essential Series as Jessica Nguyen, CLO at Lexion, and Susan Tien, President & CEO of Susan Tien Search, will share practical advice and insider tips that will help you advance your career or find a new role in these uncertain times.


In this session, Jessica and Susan will discuss:


– The current state of the in-house legal job market and compensation trends

– The types of in-house roles, experience levels, and skills that are in high demand today

– Insights into what recruiters are looking for in your resume and background

– Tips on how to elevate your LinkedIn profile – what’s the bare minimum and what’s overkill

– How to network effectively without feeling uncomfortable

– How to get a first job in an area you don’t have much experience in, and

– What’s the job search process like post-COVID.


To access the presentation slides click HERE


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