How To Redline SaaS MSAs And DPAs For In-House Counsel


The people have spoken! 76% of you want to learn how to redline SaaS Master Services Agreements (MSAs) and Data Processing Addendums (DPAs). 41% voted to learn about SaaS MSAs and 35% voted for DPAs. We understand why the vote results were close – SaaS MSAs and DPAs go together like peanut butter and jelly. To help you be successful, we’re bringing together the best in B2B SaaS and privacy and cybersecurity to provide you the training most law schools don’t teach you but are skills you need in the real world.


Tune in as Jessica Nguyen, Chief Legal Officer at Lexion and seasoned B2B SaaS attorney, and Cedric Burton, Privacy and Cybersecurity Partner at Wilson Sonsini, bring their years of SaaS industry experience and subject matter expertise to share practical tips on how to effectively review and redline SaaS MSAs and DPAs, including:


– The clauses you should focus your review on in SaaS MSAs and DPAs;

– The issues to consider when reviewing those clauses; and

– Walk through redlining those clauses in a sample SaaS MSA and DPA.

Viewers will come away from the program with key tips, insights, and strategies to effectively redline SaaS MSAs and DPAs, which are critical skills now.



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