How To Redline And Negotiate DPA’s For In-House Counsel


The people have spoken! You want part 2 of our “How to Redline” webinar after the record-breaking October webinar.


We’ve received a ton of feedback about how helpful the last session was, so we’re bringing you the sequel with “How to Redline a Data Processing Addendum.” In this fun and educational session, we’re creating a mock negotiation between a talented big law attorney (Daniel Chen of Wilson Sonsini and counsel for the controller) who will redline and negotiate a DPA against an experienced in-house attorney (Jessica Nguyen, Chief Legal Officer of Lexion and counsel for the processor).


TUNE in for the next edition of our IHC Fundamentals Series,to view this exciting legal match-up as the panelists bring their years of real-life contract negotiation experience to the virtual room.


You’ll see their actual redlines and hear how they explain their positioning. Who will prevail? The big law attorney from one of the best law firms in the world or the seasoned in-house attorney with an embarrassingly low hourly rate?


View this session and you’ll learn critical redlining and negotiation skills and also get to vote American Idol /Dancing with the Stars style to determine who won the contract negotiation battle.


To access the presentation slides click HERE

To access the Redlined Addendum click HERE



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