How To Go From Counsel To General Counsel: Climbing The Ladder For In-House Counsel


Presentation Description: 

There are lots of talented assistant, associate and deputy general counsel. With limited general counsel or CLO roles, what is the secret to advancing to the top? While the answer is partly ‘it depends’ (we are lawyers, after all), there are common attributes of successful GCs. When filling a general counsel position, companies are looking for a business partner who can advise at every level of the organization–from the board of directors and C-suite executives to departmental teams and individuals.


But how does one acquire those skills or find those opportunities? What if you’re a subject matter expert, how do you diversify your skill set? Annie Little, JD, ACC is a former real estate finance lawyer turned ICF certified coach who specializes in supporting lawyers through their job searches, career transitions, and ascent to leadership positions within their organizations.


In this informative and engaging presentation, Annie will teach us how to successfully make the leap from counsel to general counsel by:

– Developing the hard and soft skills required to get hired as a General Counsel,

– Positioning yourself to be recruited for General Counsel/senior positions, and

– Navigating the General Counsel executive search and interview process



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