Fundamentals Of Strategic Thinking For In-House Counsel: Leveraging Legal Skills To Win At Business


In-House Lawyers have unique skills that can transform legal departments from loathed gatekeeper to celebrated gateway, provided those skills are strategically leveraged. In-House Lawyers in particular have the opportunity and ability to uncover underperforming or non-performing assets and can then educate innovators, managers, and executives about how to convert them into revenue generators.


Tune in for the next edition of our Legal Innovation Series, as Kelley Keller, Intellectual Property Attorney, Strategic Legal Advisor and Founder of Big Bang Legal, a legal education company, teaches us how to use legal strategy as a business force multiplier that will elevate any business’s earning potential.


By focusing on strategic elements hidden within the labyrinth of the law, Kelley’s presentation will ensure attendees walk away with a better understanding of:


–  their full potential as in-house counsel

–  the unique strategic role they play within the company, and

–  practical steps for expanding from their role as mere tools of compliance into one that provides a dynamic strategic advantage to the business.


This presentation will teach attendees how to use their legal knowledge to create, implement, and manage a sustainable and productive business strategy that helps legal departments emerge from their one-dimensional role of compliance into a proactive agent that provides their companies with a competitive edge.



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