Emotional Intelligence For In-House Counsel: How To Leverage Emotional Intelligence For Daily Success


Presentation Description: 


Whether or not you realize it, your emotional intelligence (EQ) plays a critical role in your everyday life. From the moment you wake up until the moment you close your eyes at night, your EQ helps you make decisions that can make or break your day. While nearly 75% of people think they have a strong EQ, only about 15% actually do. Needless to say, if you want to have success in your in-house counsel career and advance the corporate ladder, you’ll need to develop and master this crucial skill.


Join us for the next installment of our IHC Advantage Series, as Rich Bracken, TEDx keynote speaker, media personality, and marketing executive, will dive into the core elements of emotional intelligence and how you can leverage them for personal and professional happiness. Through this discovery, he will arm you with the awareness of your EQ to help you succeed and grow every single day.


Key Takeaways:

– Learn the fundamental elements of emotional intelligence (EQ)

– Discover how to identify your EQ strengths & weaknesses

– Identify strategies for managing your triggers

– Learn the professional & personal benefits of EQ

– Understand the impactful (and fun) changes you can make to improve your EQ 


With emotional intelligence proving to be the most critical skill to have for leaders and companies to experience sustainable success and happiness, there is no better time to have the conversation in your organizations. As Rich has been serving businesses (large and small), in-house teams, and firms worldwide through his emotional intelligence keynotes, his engaging, entertaining, and empowering presentations are exactly what your company needs.


To inquire about his availability to speak at your company conference, in-house group event, or law firm retreat, you can reach him directly at rich@richbracken.com or by phone at 913-428-6494. To learn more about Rich’s topics and other content, visit richbracken.com.



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