E-Discovery 101 For In-House Counsel


Whether you are in the midst of litigation, or know that litigation is right around the corner, having a solid foundation of eDiscovery knowledge is an absolute necessity for in-house counsel.


TUNE IN for the next edition of our IHC Fundamentals Series, as Brandon Mack, Esq, Chief Operating Officer at Sandline Global, walks you through the basics of eDiscovery.


In this session, Brandon will:


– Provide an overview of the EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model);

– Define Electronically Stored Information while providing examples of common data types and emerging data types;

– Provide an overview of the ins and outs of all things eDiscovery 101, including identifying in house resources to vetting outsourced vendor partners;

– Provide helpful tips and tricks to manage the eDiscovery process, including what knowledge you’ll need to have to oversee from a high level perspective the forensic, data services and document review pieces of a project; and

– Outline typical costs associated with eDiscovery projects, and how to best estimate costs and stay within your budget.


You’ll walk away with a more thorough understanding of the eDiscovery lifecycle. You’ll better understand how to manage the eDiscovery process, how to find the right vendor partner, and how to budget/understand associated costs.


To access the presentation slides click HERE



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