Don’t Let The Digital Tail Wag The Transformation Dog: A Digital Transformation Roadmap For Corporate Counsel


Digital Transformation” has become an enterprise-wide imperative for most companies. As a result, legal departments are being challenged to embrace Digital Transformation and start their own departmental Digital Transformation journeys. Despite these trends, there is little scholarship and research about how legal departments are addressing the Digital Transformation challenge. How are General Counsel (GCs) currently approaching Digital Transformation? Is what they are doing effective and value-accretive? And importantly, how should GCs approach Digital Transformation to best generate value?


TUNE IN for the next edition of our Digital Transformation Series, Bjarne Philip Tellmann, General Counsel and member of the Executive at Haleon, and Michele DeStefano, Professor of Law, University of Miami will discuss:


1) How legal departments are responding to and approaching Digital Transformation.

2) The Three-Phased Digital Maturity Framework that maps the typical legal department Digital Transformation trajectory; and

3) a Best-Practice 5-Step path for how GCs should approach Digital Transformation.


Viewers will come away with a clear path forward on how to approach Digital Transformation of their organization’s Law Department.


To access the presentation slides click HERE



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