Data In Commercial Contracts: Practical Tips For Minimizing And Allocating Risk


We live in a digital world. Privacy regulations are proliferating. Cyberattacks are on the rise. Managing the risks around data is one of the most critical things to get right when negotiating your commercial contracts.


Tune in for the next edition of our IHC Deep Dives Series, as Foster Sayers, General Counsel, and Chief Evangelist at Pramata will identify the key risk areas related to data that in-house counsel need to be prepared for in order to minimize and allocate Data-related risks in Commercial Contracts.


In this interactive and informative CLE presentation, Foster will provide expert tips and insights on:


– the various ways that data of different types is regulated;

– the various mechanisms for allocating risks through indemnification;

– how to use supplemental agreements, like Information Security and Data Processing Agreements, to manage risk;

– how to negotiate the terms of how to notify the other party of a breach,

– how to negotiate remedies, carve-outs to the limitation of liability, super-caps on damages, and more.


Those looking to level up on how they understand data, the associated risks, and how to manage them will love this IHC Deep Dive Series event. 


You can access the presentation slides HERE. 



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