Critical Soft Skills For In-House Lawyers: Developing A Team And Getting People To Read Your Emails

Presentation Description: 

You may be a super lawyer.  Maybe you can redline agreements faster than an artificial intelligence-powered contracts platform.  Maybe you can redact tall stacks of confidential documents in a single review.  Maybe you can even accurately manage a legal department budget with nothing more than the calculator app on your phone.  All of those skills are amazing to have, but if that’s all you can do, you won’t get to the next level in your in-house counsel career. If you don’t know how to make the lawyers around you better, and can’t get your business colleagues to respond to your emails, your career is not going to reach its full potential, no matter how great a job you do on your legal work.

Some people are naturally good at managing and developing teams; others are fantastic communicators.  But even if you don’t fall into either of those groups, you can improve on those areas with some helpful tips and a few simple steps.

Given these crucial skills, In-House Connect is thrilled to connect you with Shaun Sethna, Deputy General Counsel at Altisource. Shaun has been in-house with Altisource for over almost ten years, and has steadily advanced from Senior Counsel, to Associate General Counsel and then to Deputy General Counsel. Join us for the next installment of our IHC Advantage Series, as Shaun will give us guidance on how to develop a fantastic team and communicate effectively throughout your organization. Shaun will discuss:

– Getting to know your team members’ strengths, weakness and goals (and what to do with that information);

– Simple ways to give (and get) feedback;

– How to build trust with your team members; and

– Strategies for organizing your written communications to get responses quickly


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