Communication Skills For In-House Counsel: Key Tips For In-House Lawyers To Better Communicate With The Business

Communication is the key to action. Almost everything we do requires some form of communication. As In-House Counsel, being an excellent communicator means you are able to work better with the business, get more done, achieve more positive outcomes, and most importantly, keep the organization out of serious trouble. On the other hand, if in-house counsel is unable to communicate effectively with the business, all our precious counsel, advice and instruction could be rendered meaningless.

Given the importance of communication, In-House Connect is thrilled to feature Theo Kapodistriaskeynote speaker, trainer and advisor, and Senior Contracts Officer. Tune in as Theo will provide a practical and fun session filled with stories, innovative additions, and key learnings, including:

– key skills and techniques to convert our words into an innovative and creative format that can be easily understood by our intended audience;

– a framework for using our words to increase trust; and

– an action plan for implementing these lessons and empowering them to make change the way you communicate!

This presentation aims to look at our communications – through verbal and written communication – and how it can be improved.

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