CLM Simplified: Right-Sourcing, Outsourcing And Resourcing Commercial Contracting


More often than not, law department lawyers find themselves in a reactive role when they review the contracts sent to them by the business. Somehow, the business owners determine what Legal should and shouldn’t review. Yet the attorneys are in the best place to make that determination and who in the legal department is best suited for that work. So, why don’t more legal teams take a proactive role in defining what should land on their plates?


Tune in for the next edition of our CLM Fundamentals Series, as Lucy Bassli, author of CLM Simplified and the Founder and Principal of InnoLaw Group, PLLC and Colin Levy, Legal Director and Evangelist at Malbek, will provide expert tips and tricks for aligning the right resources to contracting.


Lucy will discuss:

– Which phases of the CLM is best suited for attorneys vs other legal professionals

– How to enable the business to handle key operational/administrative aspects of the contracting lifecycle

– Taking smart risks to create smoother contracting

– What aspects of contracting and CLM are best suited for outsourcing and how to design an effective outsourcing arrangement

– The benefits of process mapping and engaging business stakeholders


By enabling the right resources to step into certain aspects of CLM, the legal team can feel some immediate relief from the never-ending contracting workload.


Thank you to our Sponsor, Malbek – modern enterprise CLM solution!


You can access the presentation slides HERE. 


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